Intro to Yoga Weekend Workshop

January 17, 2016

Do you keep talking yourself out of trying yoga? This workshop is for you! Come join Certified Yoga Teacher Shelly Jenkins and soak up her super-approachable "Beginner Hatha Yoga Weekend — 30 Key Poses." This workshop was made for you if: --you've never tried yoga --you're POSITIVE you can't do yoga (hint: yes you can!) --you have tried yoga but it's been a while and you want a refresher Over the weekend you'll get comfortable with 30 key yoga poses one by one, from the ground up. You'll learn how to move safely in & out of each pose, as well as how each one works for YOU the best. We're all different! This weekend workshop will boost your yoga confidence for any/all types yoga that you might want to explore in the future. Please wear comfy, stretchy clothing, bring a yoga mat, and be happy.  :) $40 investment

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