Unlocking the Secrets and Benefits of Ayurveda

April 3, 2016

Join Guest Yoga Teacher Kamri Dillard for a full day workshop~

~~~~~Unlocking the Secrets and Benefits of Ayurveda~~~~~~~
Learn about this ancient school of medicine and its various methods which aim to help us gain and, maintain, the balance sought in our lives.
We will explore the basic principles and elements to Ayurveda along with its origins, its practical uses and further, how to apply our knowledge of the doshas in our daily lives. Each participant will take a simple test designed to decipher our bodies and their cosmic make-up, learning to understand and benefit from this test itself, may be the most valuable piece to this entire workshop.
Ayurveda for Kamri has been about developing a dialogue with her body. This is, as she believe the most important step in the direction of healing and caring for our selves.
Armed with the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda, you can begin the rewarding process of healing your self, from the inside - out.
It is time, to start believing in the power of the elements because that same power, resides within you.

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